Glimpses of our work to promote open source.

Recurring Events

Kharagpur Winter Of Code.
Kharagpur Winter of Code is a 5-week long online program for students who are new to open source software development. The program will not only help students to get involved in open source, but will also prep them for many open source summer programs.
GSoC Introductory Seminar
A seminar to give insights into the Google Summer of Code. We had an enriched Question-Answer session where lots of basic doubts were cleared.
Ubuntu Install Fest
KOSS in association with Metakgp and IEEE Section IIT Kharagpur conducted a Linux Install Fest, open to everyone in IIT Kharagpur, for those who would like to get Linux as either Primary or Secondary Operating system alongside windows.
Git Workshop
We conducted a workshop on Git and Github on 30th November 2016 and it was a fantastic success with a huge audience.

Past Events

Maker Party @KGP aka HTML 1.0
It was the autumn semester and the campus was bustling with freshmens. We took this opportunity to introduce them to Firefox club and had a small maker party on 19 August, 2014.
Applied CS with Android workshop
KOSS had held an Android workshop under the Google's course of Udacity where the aim was to teach the participants and students the basics of Android, along with data structures and algorithms.
To build up a good community to contribute to Mozilla, KOSS (erstwhile IIT Kharagpur Firefox Club) organized its first Event [email protected] KGP.
3D printing Workshop
The 3D printing workshop was conducted by Kharagpur Open Source Society, in association with NSSC (National Students’ Space Challenge ), powered by Srijan Creations, a Kolkata based 3D Printing institute.
Flipkart Hackathon
The very first event which was organised by KOSS, after its inception was an overnight Hackathon, in association with Flipkart.
Game Development Workshop
In association with Technology Student's Gymkhana, Anurag Rana (2007 alumnus) taught game development using Unity Game Enginer. He has been previously involved in making the Indian Air Force app.
Design Thinking Workshop
In association with Communique IIT Kharagpur, we organized the event which was about thinking bright on the product design. It was mentioned by Google on their February monthly magazine.
Polymer Workshop
Polymer is a new material design web element library. It leverages existing HTML and CSS but makes it simpler to use material design.
Scratch Workshop
Scratch is a programing language invented at MIT to help people start learning coding and do lots of creative stuff like make games, videos or just programs.