Flipkart Hackathon

1st-2nd October,2015

Overnight Hackathon,in association with Flipkart

Event Overview

The very first event which was organised by KOSS, after its inception was an overnight Hackathon, in association with Flipkart.
Participants, in groups of three (or less), were required to make an Android app, on the spot. The central theme of the application pertained to India. Credit was awarded for ingenuity of the idea and practicality of the app, rather than its design or beauty.
The competition commenced with an introductory seminar from the hosts, explaining the rules and regulations. This was followed by an extensive coding marathon that lasted way beyond the wee hours of the next morning and was punctured only by the desire to snack to keep the neurons firing.
The best 10 participating groups were given the unique opportunity of getting an internship or a Pre-Placement offer, based on their current year, in Flipkart, besides goodies and certificates.
After two tiers of gruelling evaluations, these three teams topped the list.
Team 3Gth - Vivek Aithal, Mihir Rege, Kunal Jain
Team Mother Kumar - Vikrant Varma, Amal Narayanan, Sreejith PP
Team Hackgp - G Surya Teja, Srinath Mandava, Dharmana Prudhvi

The hackathon was followed by an interactive session between the CTO of Flipkart, Amod Malviya, also an alumni from IIT Kharagpur and the present batch, regarding placements and career opportunities. KOSS is greatly indebted to Flipkart and their team for their invaluable assistance. However, in retrospect it would not have been possible to successfully pull off this event had it not been for the dedication and guidance of our beloved seniors and mentors, Gaurav Jain and Smruti Ranjan Swain. All in all, it was a wonderful experience.