29th & 30th March 2014

Event to build up a good community to contribute to Mozilla

Event Overview

To build up a good community to contribute to Mozilla, KOSS (erstwhile IIT Kharagpur Firefox Club) organized its first Event [email protected] KGP

It was a two day event, with sessions on :
Introduction to Mozilla
Firefox Student Ambassador
Firefox OS App Development
Firefox OS App Development

The first day had a great participation, it included the introductory sessions.
The session on first day included :-
1. Introduction to FSA and IIT KGP Firefox Club by FSA Devavrat
2. Introduction to Mozilla by Gautham Raj
3. How to be a part of Mozilla and contribute to it – by Saurabh
4. Session on Webmaker by Gautham Raj
5. Session on Localizer by Biraj
6. Session about Mozilla Code base by Saurabh
7. Session about Firefox OS App development by Biraj and Sumantro

The next day was focused on bugzilla and hands on for localizer and Webmaker. On the Second day Manish, Saurabh, Sankha, Sayak, Soumya, Sumantro, Biraj and Umesh interacted with the participants guiding them on how to start contributing to mozilla. We also had community lunch with the speakers, FSA’s and the participants. And so ended our first event at IIT Kharagpur, which brought opportunity not only to learn a lot but also to meet a lot of new and awesome people. We would like to thank all the Speakers and FSA’s without whose efforts it would have not been possible.