Kharagpur Open Source Society

We are a group of Open Source Enthusiasts who focus on something more preliminary and relevant, ”A Love for Coding”.

Every year KOSS plans to hold events for familiarizing students with UNIX tools, Linux environment, Git Development Workflow, practice Algorithms and Data Structures, besides conducting workshops on GUI programming, Web development, Android application Development and Hackathons.


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15 Oct, 15:30 hrs, NR122
Git Workshop

Introduction to git and GitHub.

2 Sep, 14:00 hrs, CSE-120
Ubuntu install fest

Learn how to get Linux installed on your PC. Use it as standalone OS or get it dual booted.

19-20 Aug, 15:30 hrs, CSE-120
Python classes

KOSS brings to you its series of Python Classes, an effort to bring out the developer in you.