The students need to improve an app which will enable the user to control the pointer in a PC. Implementation - acceleration/gyroscope of the phone as input, which needs to be converted to mouse pointer output.

Mentored by : Soumyajit Chakraborty

Meet In The Middle

The WebApp suggests places to hangout which is closer to every friend of yours on the map!.

Mentored by : Nishchith Shetty


The project started out as 3D perspective renderer that allows FPS like movement. In future features like surface, polygons and physics have to be added. Mostly only in C++. Math-heavy.

Mentored by : Archit Rungta

Alexa Skill for Rocket.Chat

The aim of this project is to bring access of Rocket.Chat into the world of 100 million+ Alexa enabled devices & create innovative, high valued user experiences to the Alexa ecosystem - powered by open-source Rocket.Chat.

Mentored by : Ashish Jha

Alice in Wonderland

Predicting the story of Alice in Wonderland using NLP and Deep Learning Models

Mentored by : Parul Chandel

Animations using javascript

There is a certain animation using javascript . A rectangle will shrink down as a alphabet key is pressed!

Mentored by : Aashim Garg


A single and multiplayer arrow shooting game made in Python.Used pygame as the game-development library and socket communication for multiplayer feature.

Mentored by : Sriyash Poddar


Cross platform mobile application to mark attendance based on face recognition. It has different login portals for students and faculties.Registered students can see their attendance for each of the registered course. Faculty has access to add new courses, add new faculty members, register students in courses and mark attendance . It uses node.js as server, postgresql as database, react native for frontend and OpenFace to recognize faces.

Mentored by : Yash Khanna

Automatic Leaf Infection Detector

This project enables machine vision that is to provide image-based automatic inspection, process control. Comparatively, visual identification is labor intensive less accurate and can be done only in small areas. The project involves the use of self-designed image processing algorithms and techniques designed using python to segment the disease from the leaf while using the concepts of machine learning to categorise the plant leaves as healthy or infected. By this method, the plant diseases can be identified at the initial stage itself and the pest and infection control tools can be used to solve pest problems while minimizing risks to people and the environment.

Mentored by : Shikhar Johri


bench-routes is a highly scalable routes-benchmarking, monitoring, and route-network analysis tool. It monitors the routes of the application and analyses the network pipe between the server-client.

Mentored by : Harkishen Singh

Blog Project

This web application generates a simple but capable blog using Django. The platform allows authors to create text posts using a dedicated admin portal, and allows logged in users to post comments through a simple comment form.

Mentored by : Akshit Jain


BlogMan is a new social blogging platform where anybody can share their views and read other's opinion related to any topic. It is a way to connect with people and to know how the world is thinking.

Mentored by : Avijit Das


This project aims to create short notes after fetching books from different URLs then after fetching those books it aims to use several NLP techniques in order to shorten the content from the text extracted from the image and then after categorizing the best possible words that displays some meaning to the text and can be represented as notes which can be read by the viewers is displayed to them. \nThis project involves active research in the field of NLP for extracting certain important words and then by using certain techniques to plot those words in form of graphs to gather them.

Mentored by : Shashank Jain


This is an entire API and a unique employee management application to serve information for today's most accomplished entrepreneurs. It helps entrepreneurs keep track of their employees and handle all the annoying meetings that keep getting added to their busy schedule. It also helps them to organize their brilliant ideas in a click.

Mentored by : Aditya Sharma

C Programming Made Easy

A Flutter based android app for learning basic of C Programming. (Available on Google Play Store)

Mentored by : Hariom Verma


Chat-Room made up on MERN stack with

Mentored by : Aryaman Puri


Chatup is an Android app that allows two people to chat. It is entirely based on Firebase for its backend. It has a clean UI (along with a dark mode) following Google's Material Design Guidelines. Also, Bluetooth chat is the option that we are working on currently so that people can still chat in a small classroom where there are network fluctuations.

Mentored by : Jashaswee Jena, Bhavna Haritsa


OpenSource online judge based on nodejs.

Mentored by : Dheeraj


LS with colors and icons!

Mentored by : Athitya Kumar

Community Hacktoberfest Tracker

A simple hacktoberfest tracker for your whole community. Gets you the stats of the community so that you can share them with the world.

Mentored by : Venu Vardhan Reddy Tekula

Competitive-Programming Data structure And Algorithms

This project contains some useful codes, techniques, algorithms and problem solutions helpful in Competitive Coding.

Mentored by : Rishabh Garg

Connect 4

Connect Four is a two-player connection game in which the players first choose a color and then take turns dropping one colored disc from the top into a seven-column, six-row vertically suspended grid. The pieces fall straight down, occupying the lowest available space within the column. The objective of the game is to be the first to form a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of four of one's own discs, I have implemented this game in python programming language & using Pygame library.

Mentored by : Mayank Singh

Connect All

Connect All is an application developed to help the disabled communicate and live life normally. This was developed in a 36 hours hackathon and is a very complex project. The documentation needs to be improved as well as better deployment methods need to be employed.

Mentored by : Manjunath Bhat


A simple JavaScript project for ciphering text.

Mentored by : Rashil Gandhi

DASH - Data Sharing

A Command Line tool for faster, smarter and limitless file sharing.The DASH means, Data sharing. It's made for providing faster, safer and elegent way to transfer files between two users.

Mentored by : Prateek Mishra

Django Blog

This project is a simple web blog app developed using django as a backend. This web app helps users to write and share their own personal blogs.

Mentored by : Deepak Kumar


Get your website page ready to deploy just by dropping your widget in the playground. \n\nA list of widget will be provided, which users will use to create their own website. Once created the user will get the code written in ReactJs which will be ready for deployment.

Mentored by : Sandeep Patel, Pranay Agarwal

E-Learning Platform

This is an e-learning platform where departments and clubs can upload lecture contents and users can access it. Apart from this, we have an extension where users can upload shared notes and e-books pdf. We plan to extend this project by enabling different schools to integrate and create a common database for users from different schools to access the materials.

Mentored by : Ayush Jain

Easy Shopping

The main aim of this project is to reduce the queuing delays faced by customers while shopping in a mall or departmental store. This project cosists of building an Android App for the customers and a Electron Desktop App for the billing section to ease the process of payments.

Mentored by : Abhishek Garain


Django Interface for Deep Learning projects. This repo is to get started with simple DL projects and integrating them to UI.

Mentored by : Konda Amulya Reddy


Flask plugin to fetch static content from Google Drive and use Google Sheets as DB

Mentored by : Shubham Mishra

GitHub Battle

A Web app that lists 30 of the most popular repositories of a language (overall also). It also lets you battle between any two github users. Also more features like personal profile (like sorcerer) and resume builder using GitHub and other profiles can be added.

Mentored by : Rajat Verma


Get Your Freaking Timetable REBORN , A version of metakgp/gyft that does not need password smile

Mentored by : Aditya Vikram Singh

Hand Gesture Recognition

The aim of this project is to develop an automated system for hand gesture recognition in realtime (Web Cam). Also, It can collect data in realtime.

Mentored by : Arun Garg


This is scientific calculator for iPhone and iPad which is written in Swift-5

Mentored by : Anubhav Singh


Imagery is a slack bot that takes any uploaded image, hosts it on Imgur and posts the link to the same channel after deleting the uploaded image, thus, saving space on a free plan.

Mentored by : Dibya Prakash Das


A website for travellers to publish their blogs and describe their experience, and inspire others through their journey.

Mentored by : Bishal Deb


InstiGo is an android app for the students and faculties of IIT Dharwad that provide a one stop solution for matters related to mess, academia and hostel.

Mentored by : Sonu Sourav

introduction-to-machine-learning with pyrhon

to learn about meachine learning to biggner



A fully anonymous socket based chat client.

Mentored by : Mukul Mehta

Jarvis Personal Assistant

The project aims to develop a personal-assistant for Linux-based systems. Jarvis draws its inspiration from virtual assistants like Cortana for Windows, and Siri for iOS. It has been designed to provide a user-friendly interface for carrying out a variety of tasks by employing certain well-defined commands. Users can interact with the assistant either through voice commands or using a keyboard input. To know the steps to install and run the project, kindly check the of the project.

Mentored by : Muskan Khedia


Problem: Twitter isn't the same anymore!\n\nWhen Twitter started its humble beginnings, it was just a simple app to compose tweets of 140 characters. But as days went by, several new features ( or distractions ) were added to Twitter. With the increasing number of distractions such as Images, Links, Advertisements, etc. The vanilla Twitter experience faded. Gone were the witty, sharp and funny tweets.\n\nKalrav is an attempt to restore Twitter back to it's glory days!

Mentored by : Aditya Vikram Singh


It is the website of Manga and Anime Society Kharagpur .It is a simple single page web app for now .

Mentored by : Pankaj kumar Agarwal

Keep Clone

A project to make a webapp to keep notes using checklist, text and draw. It uses google firebase at its base for database.

Mentored by : Bishal Deb


An app for the whole of KGP Students. Developed for the community taking projects from metaKGP.

Mentored by : Rishabhdeep Singh

Learn Awesome

Humanity's universal learning map. Curated lists of awesome learning resources on various topics categorized by formats, difficulty, estimated time etc.

Mentored by : Athitya Kumar


this project is an implementation of a working flute using Html,CSS,Javascript,Bootstrap

Mentored by : Aman Kumar

Mathematics Department Website

Website for the MnC Department, IIT KGP

Mentored by : Raghavendra Kaushik, Adarsh Kumar


An intelligent medical app, currently capable of interactive symptom checking, prescription parser (with google calender sync). Lots more features to come.

Mentored by : Snehal Reddy

Movie Search Engine

A search engine that displays the movie name from a natural language query from the user

Mentored by : Raghavendra Kaushik, Sriyash Poddar


An open source mail tracker

Mentored by : Prashant Sengar


This project has been implemented using HTML, CSS and Vanilla Javascript. It allows the user to play beats by clicking mouse. This project is beginner friendly and specially designed for the students who are new to Open Source and want to make their first PR.

Mentored by : Arteev Raina


An android application with a python back-end to download YouTube videos in audio and video format.

Mentored by : Yash M Kothari


It is a python based online guest house booking

Mentored by : Ritik Kumar

Neural Networks and Data Visualization

The current trend for starting to learn Machine learning involves the black box approach, but this project features the way of learning the most powerful algorithm with a deep enough understanding . This project will also focus on data visualization and the techniques used to tweak the algorithms which is usually missed in the off the shelf libraries. To give a better understanding of Data Science in general

Mentored by : Ayush Pratap Singh


A Web-App that hosts leading news and different newspapers of various countries on a common platform..

Mentored by : ANIKET SINGH


It is web app made-up using Django framework , used Sqlite for backend database and html5 and bootstrap for frontend .

Mentored by : Rohan Gupta


An App to find and share rides (and thus, reduce cost, reduce pollution and also traffic) Aim of the app is to provide rides to passengers in private or public cars at reduced costs, depenbding on the availability.

Mentored by : Bishal Deb


The Org-manage-bot is a telegram bot written in python which a company/organization/community can use to manage its telegram group. It has features like add, remove, schedule meetings, filter text etc.

Mentored by : Nilesh Patra


Peep and find out information about people!

Mentored by : Athitya Kumar

PEP 8 Speaks

A GitHub app to automatically review Python code style over Pull Requests

Mentored by : Himanshu Mishra

Personal notepad

It is notepad written in python which can be used to edit, make new word files etc . It is written in python and works only on windows.

Mentored by : Abhishu Raina


Photoroid is the fastest, Lightweight, easy to use image scanner tool. Photoroid is made using OpenCV with Python. It can be used to find a similar image from a list of images without taking much time. Photoroid can be very helpful in finding similar images when the number of images to scan is bigger. It can also be helpful in finding duplicate images.

Mentored by : Prateek Mishra


A Portfolio/Resume website template for Programmers, Geeks, Developers, Hackers etc.\n\nHighlights\nSetup is very easy and you get a portfolio template of your own for free.\nTo add your details, you just need simple editing skills. No code changes required!\nSimple and Fast website User Interface.

Mentored by : Prateek Mishra


A simple way to create presentations using markdown

Mentored by : Aditya Vikram Singh


The project aims at developing a python package for all the complex data\nstructures( to ease the lives of programmers.

Mentored by : Gagandeep Singh


A command line todo list built with Python and MongoDB.

Mentored by : Parth Paradkar


QuTiP is the quantum toolbox in Python. QuTiP\u00a0is the open-source software to study quantum optics and related processes. It develops both an intuitive playground to understand quantum mechanics and cutting-edge tools to investigate it. QuTiP provides the most comprehensive toolbox to characterize noise and dissipation \u2013 realistic processes \u2013 affecting quantum systems, as well as tools not only to monitor but also to minimize their impact, quantum optimal control, description of decoherence-free spaces, used also for quantum circuits. It contains quantum circuit simulator module, and it integrates it with noise models. Several projects are

Mentored by : Nathan Shammah

React Extension Boilerplate

React Extension Boilerplate is a modern web extension template for building Mozilla and Chrome extensions using ReactJS.\n\nAllows smooth and fast development of extension using on-the-go loading, building, packaging and publishing on the most common browsers Chrome and Firefox.\nMake changes to the source code and watch the extension implement these changes live in the browser.\nImplements all the best Javascript practises with ESLint, Jest, React-StoryBook, Webpack and lots more.

Mentored by : kryptoknight

React Native Async Auth Boilerplate

A boilerplate, with all almost all essentials installed, \nwith clear explanations and implementation of concepts used in real world,\nand at same time, good starter template for almost any RN project

Mentored by : Chinmay Vibhute

Research Web Portal

The Research web-portal for the students and professors of NIT Durgapur where information of the ongoing research projects from each department is available, with a short description of goals and required skills. It aims to fill the gap between students and professors of the institute by maintaining a hub for all research projects.

Mentored by : Monsij Biswal


ResumeReviewer will prepare students for resume based interview rounds during Placements by highlighting critical topics and suggesting relevant questions based on past interviews.

Mentored by : Saumo Pal


It is an simple python based gaming project very user friendly for Beginners,in which an user can play with computer rock-paper-scissor game and see if they won or the computer.

Mentored by : Shivank singh


Sarathi is a progressive web application intended to connect a group of people having similar travel arrangements and create or join travel groups.

Mentored by : Arib Alam

P2P video chat website using React and WebRTC

Mentored by : Vikrant Gajria


A 2d game made using pygame library in python3

Mentored by : Dvij Kalaria

Spot It

An application to find a word or phrase in the images of hard copies. Basically Ctrl+F for hard copies at basic level.

Mentored by : Bedant Agarwal

Spotify Recommendation Engine

A system that recommends songs from your existing playlists using Spotify API and a bit of classical machine learning techniques. Goal is to implement Implicit Matrix Factorisation according to is the method behind their inhouse api.We also had traffic on this project during Hacktoberfest 2019 where we tackled smaller bugs. I will create beginner level issues but the goal will be what I have mentioned above [moderate issue].

Mentored by : Sayantan Das


Stardox is an advanced github stargazers information gathering tool. It scraps Github for information and display them in list tree view.It can be used for collecting information of your's/someones repository stargazers details.

Mentored by : Prateek Mishra


A command line interface in Node.js to make Unix and some other commands available for Windows, Linux and OS X

Mentored by : Hemanth Kumar

The EinsteinPy Project

EinsteinPy is an open source pure Python package dedicated to problems arising in General Relativity and gravitational physics, such as goedesics plotting for Schwarzschild, Kerr and Kerr Newman space-time model, calculation of Schwarzschild radius, calculation of Event Horizon and Ergosphere for Kerr space-time. Symbolic Manipulations of various tensors like Metric, Riemann, Ricci and Christoffel Symbols is also possible using the library. EinsteinPy also features Hypersurface Embedding of Schwarzschild space-time, which will soon lead to modelling of Gravitational Lensing! It is released under the MIT license.\n\n\n\nVisit for more details.

Mentored by : Shreyas Bapat


A website for bloggers to post their blogs and articles to showcase their talents which gets saved in the database.

Mentored by : Bishal Deb


We are going to develop Progress Tracking web-app in which you can add your progress each day and the web-app will create a timeline based on your daily progress. We are also going to develop a social network in which you can follow your peers and can look over their timeline too.

Mentored by : Ritik Jain


A simple and easy to use yet configurable todo app.

Mentored by : Aditya Vikram Singh


It is a common thing that after buying a new phone, we tend to keep the old phone in an idle state. Why not use the old phone for surveillance purposes? Let's dive in the project to build something secure and useful to us.

Mentored by : Abhishek Garain


A network-kinda UI to navigate back and forth between Trello linkages

Mentored by : Athitya Kumar

TV Series

Aggregate tv series scrapers and show them in a more readable manner

Mentored by : Athitya Kumar


Swiss army knife for hackers.

Mentored by : Mehtab Zafar

WhatsApp Cleaner

Tool to clean received and sent media of WhatsApp.

Mentored by : Pawan Kumar Gorai


Plotting with python made easy.\n\nAre you tired of replicating common steps that are needed to plot even a simple polynomial functions in python's infamous Matplotlib?\n\nWorry no more! Presenting xyplot! Plot polynomials easily and, more importantly, pythonically!

Mentored by : Aditya Vikram Singh


A responsive Angular 6 based Shopping Web application for purchasing goods with additional advance features made using Angular material.

Mentored by : Parul Priyedarshani


Attendance tracker Android Application for ITER, SOA University, Bhubaneswar

Mentored by : Pawan Kumar Gorai

CandyView Library

The easiest way to implement RecyclerView in just 1 Line. \n\nDelicious Facts \ud83c\udf6d\n\n1. Forget creation of tasteless Adapters & monotonous findViewById for your views in adapter. \ud83d\udcbb\n2. Text data (String, int, float ... ) is automatically set into TextView & Button\n3. Image URL String and Image Drawable (int) is automatically set into ImageView. \ud83d\ude80\n4. It's all done without any extra line of code. How? (Find out by joining)\n5. Manage properties of all view using single SugarListener or just set attributes for specific views. \n

Mentored by : Nishant Singh Hada


Certify helps creating multiple certificates (Upto 1000 at a time) that are using a same template but differ in data. It also provides an authentication feature to verify authenticity of certificate by providing it a unique Certify Code

Mentored by : Kartikay Bhutani


A chess engine using supervised learning and unsupervised learning

Mentored by : Avi Bomb


Organizes files in folders and helps you to clean your PC

Mentored by : Prashant Sengar


Courier management system

Mentored by : Laasya sree


Codeforces is an Android version of Codeforces web. This app is made to integrate all the available Codeforces API into this app. This way the users can have a mobile version of their handle and can get key information on the go.

Mentored by : Ajay Prabhakar


A game written using pygame, a shooting based game and theme - stroop,puzzle .

Mentored by : ANMOL HARSH

Food Application

A food management application that enables people in selecting, relocating, selling and managing food from homes in a metropolitan.

Mentored by : tripti shukla


It's a dashboard for the facebook group listen to this KGP. We plan to list top songs weekly and monthly and allowing you to search by users to see their songs.

Mentored by : Mukul Mehta


Develop an application where Indian citizens with valid voter ID cards, provided by the government, can vote during the elections from across the globe using Blockchain. The votes thus collected, can then be counted for declaration of the results of the elections.

Mentored by : Avi Bomb


An Android app that tracks the daily commits of a given set of GitHub users. This app can be used to monitor their technical progress and also view interesting statistics of the users over a period of time.

Mentored by : Abhilash Gunasegaran


List of movies and their actor/actress. Also save your fav movies

Mentored by : Samagra Gupta

Multilingual AI-powered Voice Assistant

multilingual voice based chatbot in RASA using python,REACTJS and NODEJS

Mentored by : arbaz khan

Name the Code

A web based algorithm guessing platform where mentor/admin can post the code or algorithm and students need to guess the name of it within limited time frame. Students can track their progress on leader board and can apply filters to see weekly and monthly weeks. The updation of leader board would be dynamic and would not require any third person involvement. The main aim for building this project is to make student aware about famous and important algorithm in a fun way.

Mentored by : Arpit Agrawal


Extract notes and chords from a piano audio file

Mentored by : Shreyansh Darshan

Open wallet

Open wallet is an flutter based cryptocurrency wallet that aims to smoothen up the onboarding process and user experience of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies while maintaining privacy and security without being a centralized platform.\nOur project is under development and simultaneously it has won 4 hackathons , got honorable mention in ethIndia 2.0.\nThe project has been selected as personal best project for relays program run by Consensys labs(one of the leader in Blockchain/eithereum domain).\nMore information is available at the GitHub repository of the project.

Mentored by : Abhimanyu Shekhawat

Parallel Programming using OpenMP and MPI

The project aims at creating a collection of implementations of various algorithms that can be implemented in parallel using OpenMP and MPI libraries in C++.

Mentored by : Sahil Bansal

Pneumothorax Segmentation using Hypercolumns

Collapsed Lung Segmentation using Hypercolumns. Goal is to create a working mybinder template for this project[moderate issue]. Too many beginner level issues.\nMore details here :->

Mentored by : Sayantan Das


a software which helps us to remember what to do at a particular place which he was said to do a long time ago at a particular place . so he won't regret that he forgot . (Purely built under react native and NodeJs )

Mentored by : D. Venkata Vamsi

Recommendation System

With the advancement in technology, a recommendation engine has become an integral part of today's world. With the aim to personalize products (movies, books, songs, etc.) according to the end user's taste and needs recommendation systems have been improved significantly over the past decade. \n\nIn this project, we would start with understanding how the recommendation system works and building a naive recommendation system. Then we would move on towards building a movie recommendation engine and implement some of the research papers. \n\nPrerequisites: Python Programming, Git, and Beginner level Machine Learning\n\nIf you don't satisfy the prerequisites don't worry, follow the links below and have some basic idea about it. Then learn while working on it.\n\nBasic Python:\n\nGit:

Mentored by : Tannmay Yadav


Takes media from Reddit and posts to Twitter and Instagram

Mentored by : Prashant Sengar

Resume Builder

A java based application using Swings which takes in all the details of the user and returns a resume in a file. The project uses JDBC for connecting the database. Also Windows Builder was used for the UI part. Now the project only returns the resume in a file. The aim is to return a html page or a file with proper formatting options. And accordingly the resume should be changing.

Mentored by : Bhanu Prakash Poluparthi


CLI version of codeforces problemsets which not only brings you all the problems present in Codeforces to your terminal effortlessly, but also orders them in the best way you should SolveNext.

Mentored by : N Krithick Santhosh

Tam\u00e9t\u00fb - A Productivity Timer App

The most important aspect of collaborative project is to get everyone involved, and this idea is simple enough for everyone to contribute to, tweak - and maybe even have some fun while doing it.

Mentored by : Sanjeev Kumar Sharma


Tracks the time one spends on PC and produces analysis

Mentored by : Prashant Sengar

Web Crawler

Web Crawler that crawl Ookla 10 billion website.

Mentored by : Debojyoti Sinha


Here is my python source code for QuickDraw - developed by google. with my code, you could: Run an app which you could draw in front of a camera (If you use laptop, your webcam will be used by default) Run an app which you could draw on a canvas

Mentored by : Rahul Agrawal


Web application of Plagiarism Checker using Python-Flask. TF-IDF and cosine similarity is a very common technique. It allows the system to quickly retrieve documents similar to a search query. Similarly, based on the same concept instead of retrieving documents similar to a query, it checks for how similar the query is to the existing database file.

Mentored by : Rahul Agrawal

Ozone Calculator

A calculator app written with flutter having advanced functions along with regular calculation abilities. Main focus in on the UI and UX

Mentored by : Abhi Jain

Ozone Clock

A clock app written with flutter framework, developed as a part of OzoneApps ecosystem for Lucid Project.

Mentored by : Abhi Jain

Voice email service

Complete Voice based interaction for blinds to use email service effectively.

Mentored by : Deshna Jain


Complete Voice based interaction for blinds to use email service effectively.

Mentored by : Ajinkya Taranekar

Expense Manager

Automatic expense logger and analyser

Mentored by : Abhishek Singh Baghel

Rubik's Cube Solver

Program to generate steps to solve all 3x3 scrambled Rubik's Cube.

Mentored by : Ashutosh Mehra

Image recoloring

This is a deep learning project that includes image detection and it's recoloring

Mentored by : Yashsvi Sharma


Data Analyser and Visualize

Mentored by : Soham Chhapre


This is a simple resume making web application where the user has to simply fill a form with his details and the resume is automatically generated.

Mentored by : Pragati Verma


it is an automated script that converts a Debian based OS to Kali Linux tested on Ubuntu and Debian here I am trying to create a GUI version of same and even add some more Conversion options and some error tolerance

Mentored by : Anurag batra


A python web crawler that fetches nearly 10 billion pages of to fetch download speed, upload speed, latency, date, distance, country code, server ID, server name, sponsor name, sponsor URL, connection_mode, isp name, isp rating, test rank, test grade, test rating, path.

Mentored by : Debojyoti Sinha


This is demo web page to know about city Amethi.

Mentored by : Anubhav Singh


To create a repository of literary enthusiasts and their works

Mentored by : Siba Smarak Panigrahi


List of movies their actor/actress

Mentored by : Samagra Gupta


A decentralized blockchain for the network for automobile ownership.

Mentored by : Vivek Raj


Trabot is a simple Telegram bot to recommend places around you based on your mood.

Mentored by : Swarup Ghosh, Nisha


A command line tool to automate execution and testing process for competitive websites

Mentored by : Yash M Kothari


An android application for a Healthy and Fit Nation .

Mentored by : Saumya Singh


It's a meme bot that tweets the most popular memes on Reddit.

Mentored by : Mukul Mehta

Hand Written Digit Predictor

This is a basic Neural Network model trained to predict hand written digits live by taking input using canvas draw board . Famous MNIST dataset is used for training the model.

Mentored by : Sandeep Yadav

My Ml Tool Kit

As the project title suggests, it is a ml tool box which contains pre-trained models on computer vision,object detection,facial recognition

Mentored by : vedha krishna yarasuri


Productify is a Chrome Extension that aims to increase the efficiency of an everyday user on the internet. In this modern age where internet addiction has become rampant, it is productify that comes to your rescue. The basic idea behind the extension is to provide users with a wholesome and productive browsing experience on the internet. This is done by providing the user with the tools to control what he/she views on the internet and various other features that will assist him/her in browsing productively. Productify allows the user to block websites that he considers to be distracting, moving it out of his way. Websites can be unblocked at user's discretion. Users can find the meaning, translation and pronunciation of text on a website by selecting and right clicking it. Productify also comes with its own mobile app! Users can save articles from a website and view it on their app (offline). Words searched for- by the user are stored into a personalized dictionary which is made available on the mobile app. Simultaneously, Productify displays usage statistics (time spent on websites, number of articles saved, number of words searched for meaning,etc) of the user that will provide a measure of his productiveness.

Mentored by : Muskan Khedia

Swachh Amrita

This is web application which is built to provide easy management and registration of events for the authorities conducting the event and the students who are taking part in the event. This application is mainly focused on the events with green initiatives like clean up drives. Basically, events are scheduled and shown on the website and interested students can register. There are different roles in the web application namely Event Managers, Volunteers, Participants and Administrator. Users are supposed to sign up for the first time. Admin will give access to users as event managers after contacting him according to the requirement. They can create events and add teams and assign volunteers to each and every team. Students can directly register for the event and join a particular team. Then users who are assigned as volunteers by event managers can manage the team like check-in and check out the participants during the event. Event Managers can see the statistics of the registrations of a particular event.

Mentored by : Abhishek Bvs

CInfo(Computer Information)

CInfo is a python based utility tool to gather system,network, software,hardware,file related information and export to text file.

Mentored by : Ravishankar Chavare


LearnARF is a Flutter application that uses Google's ARCore to spawn 3D models into the real world. Additionally, it uses the Sceneform SDK to make it easier to handle 3D models.\n\nThe back-end is written using BLoC, or Business Logic Component.\n\nThis app is made for the sole purpose of helping students get started with Open Source, Flutter, and Augmented Reality.

Mentored by : Akshansh Bhanjana

C# Scripting for Unity2D/3D

Open source re-usable C# Scripts for Unity Games, for handling small tasks such as character collision detection, gameflow and for coding components such as minimaps and UI elements.

Mentored by : Anirban

Driver Safety Interface

While driving, the driver's behaviour may be continuously monitored through 2-D pictures clicked by a camera placed on the dashboard (pi-camera), and the driver is immediately notified if he/she is found to be distracted (through alert tones using pi).

Mentored by : Vishal Singh

Interview Preparation Kit Solvution of all hacker-rank Interview preparation kit problems in c++ , java and python . And also add Competitive-programing algorithms .

Mentored by : Sundaram Dubey