KWoC '17 was my first mentoring experience and I enjoyed working with talented people who had the zeal and vigour to learn new things. Some of my mentees were also accepted as GSoC '18 students, which makes me proud and happy in the true sense of the word. It's a great initiative by KOSS to promote the open source culture among students and I hope the next version achieves greater heights and influences more lives.

Aniq Ur Rahman [ KWoC '17 Mentor ]

I had a really good time at KWoC '17. My projects prospered well because of inputs from participants. Regular chaperoning from KOSS maintained that the quality of the coding program never touched a low point and maintained the coding frequency consistent throughout the program.

Dhruv Apte [ KWoC '17 Mentor ]

My project was a normal one before KWOC, something I had worked on in a hackathon. But I loved the idea but found it hard to do alone. But due to KWoC I got very good quality amazing contributors who helped to changed that small project into a top 3 product in Product Hunt and featured in many tech publications.

Gautham Santhosh [ KWoC '17 Mentor ]

The experience has been great both the years, with a lot of new students learning open-source development from KWoC by contributing to the projects. Some of my mentees have even gone ahead to do a GSoC project as well in the following summers, and are definitely are still actively contributing to open-source.

Athitya Kumar [ KWoC '16 and '17' Mentor ]

KWoC has provided me opportunities to learn more about open source, accelerate the growth of my projects, along with helping new developers explore the power and opportunities of FOSS. I highly recommend open source enthusiasts and GSoC aspirants to participate in KWoC.

Raghav Jajodia [ KWoC 17' Mentor ]

My experience with Kharagpur Winter of Code has been quite good, as the level of contribution is quite apt, considering for the beginners.

Yash Sharma [ KWoC '17 Student ]

It was a great experience to take part in KWoC. Thanks to IIT Kharagpur for organizing such an event. I sincerely hope to be a part of more and more such programs.

Shantanu Pramanik [ KWoc '17 Student ]

KWOC is a very good opportunity for every student to hone their technical skills. Thank you IIT Kharagpur, KOSS for hosting a beginner friendly program.

Nishant Singh Hada [ KWoc '17 Student ]

I used to think how could I contribute because I couldn't understand anything about how that much code works together. But after this event all that was gone.

Nityananda Gohain [ KWoc '17 Student ]